Trax2 becomes Mini-Sidewinder.
We have found a bigger bike engine. It's a Yamaha XT600 - hopefully it will prove
to be reliable. Not electric start. The front suspension is double "A" arm and the rear
 will be single swing-arm type similar to a sidewinder. This buggy (dubbed the X-15)
 will be shorter than the sidewinder but a similar width. We are re-using the old wheels
and parts of the old Trax-2 frame.

 Works in progress:    
 The day the engine was sold 19/July/2003                             26/July/2003                      
The steering beam, shown on the green stool, complete with hubs, linkages and steering
shaft is for sale: $200 ono.  Ready to bolt on and go.
I also have a fibre-glass go-kart seat, never used and coated with extra fibre-glass $50

30 July 2003                                                        6 August 2003
 Starting to take shape  (wheels not attached)

15 August 2003                                        24 August 2003      
Front suspension mounts in place.                            Wishbones mounted.      

26 August 2003
Wheels mounted.                                                    Larger view 

5 September 2003
Overview of shocker and spring  (Spring not Mounted yet).
Ford Escort steering rack shortened and mounted.

  5 September 03                                         14 September 03
UnderView? Lower shock mounting                           Steering shaft mounted (details)  
Also not happy with suspension geometry - Due to the offset nature of
the vertical and horizontal axis pivots of the axle  pivots there is some
 direction change of the axle at the lower 50mm (2") of travel. I am
considering changing to a more expensive ball-rod end.

Steering arms
Steering arms lengthened and connected
springs mounted and secured with a temporary pipe
clamp at top until I decide on a permanent ride heig

19 Oct 2003
Back swing-arm mount     

  Back swing-arm mount                               Back swing-arm partly completed

2 Nov 2003
Rear swingarm completed and mounted
and mono shock fitted

9 Nov 2003
Swing arm with axle mounted                           Pedals mounted         
Hubs made but not keyed or studded                                                               
16 Nov 2003                                                  14 Nov 2003
Engine mounted                                                  Rolling Chassis
28 Nov 2003

Engine protection bars added                     
Stronger springs added to front
in case of rollover            
The springs are from the rear mono-shock of a YAMAHA IT250.
The shock absorbers are KYB - presumably from a japanese car.

   Gear change lever                                    Other end of gear change