Our Go-Kart


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       Click on images to see hi-res photos.                              Paul & Seth (18 Months) hard at work
OUR Go-Kart - based on the raven but some small changes. Cost about $400 to build.

Early photo - petrol tank mounted on engine - Soon broke free, now on back of seat. Good old Victa 160cc.
2 stroke lawn mower engine, approx. 1980 vintage. Removed old plastic body carby and fitted an aluminium
carby with butterfly throttle ( from an older model Victa mower ).

I machined 1mm off the head in a lathe. Enlarged the gas transfer slots in the barrel and inlet & exhaust
ports with a rotary file. Home made stainless steel exhaust. Engine 5500 rpm (measured before being modified).
Geared down to 10:1 and 13" OD rear wheels, 10" OD on front. Top speed of 35K and will climb a fairly steep
hill. A good all round off road buggy.

There are electronic modules available from lawn mower repair shops that replace the points and will provide a
useful increase in power at the high end of the rev range. The cost of these things are about $25.

Solid 1" BMS back axle makes it hard to turn tight corners on concrete or bitumen when going slow, but it will
go almost anywhere on rough terrain. Mechanic linkage on to a 1/8" thick disk of stainless steel 8" dia. gives
good brakes - I used the second hand pads out of my Ford Laser.

Here is a drawing of the disk brake setup
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Here is a drawing of the adapter bush for the clutch - dimensions not given but make to suit your clutch.