18 April 2003    A days outing at one of our favorite spots south of Wynyard, between
Deep Creek road and Oldina Road. There is water lying about on the ground from rain
a week ago, making the clay very slippery.

Photo quality is  not good in  most cases because of the low autumn afternoon sun and lots of trees creating
shadows  and contrasts.

Unloading Trax 2 Just arriving from ride down track
Arriving at a clearing near Deep Creek                         Paul on his bike - Yamaha IT 200

Trying to avoid puddles & mud On the slippey stuff
Father Dave getting around in comfort                                       Dave and Paul                      

Sedate ride Getting muddy
Paul  with other people in background                                          Getting dirty                  

Also muddy Mike at speed
 One dirty Trax                                                Mick flying by

No respect for water Perfect day out
           Some of the other recreational users.                  Popular spot for enthusiasts

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