VK7RAC ---  Located on TABLE CAPE near WYNYARD
A privately funded repeater serving the North West Tasmanian coastal region
from Devonport in the east and through to Smithton in the west.

TX - 147.375mhz
RX - 147.975mhz
TX - 438.650mhz
RX - 433.650mhz
- 141.3Hz CTCSS access tone

LINKED TO -  VK7RAA repeater 147.000mhz
 (-600khz) Near Launceston
& on to
 *  VK7RTC repeater  439.825mhz
  91.5hz ctcss on Mt Wellington (Hobart) in the south of the state.

VK7RAA ALSO LINKED TO ( link currently out of service )
* VK7RAL repeater 439.900mhz
 (-5Mhz 141.3hz tone) Companion Hill, 35k SSW of Burnie.
- linked to -
 * VK7RWC repeater 147.075mhz
 (+600Khz 123hz tone) Mt Read south of Rosebery.
D-Star now operational
TX - 438.700mhz
RX - 431.700mhz
Coming soon
TX - 53.825mhz
RX - 52.825mhz

NW Tasmania Repeaters and APRS Digis

The following thanks to Roger Nichols VK7ARN

Link to Wicen South Tas repeater map