Keen VHF and UHF operator since mid 80s. Had a 10 year hiatis on the VHF/UHF DX operation after moving house in 2010 but put all antennas back in to operation during COVID 2020 quiet time.
Located in Burnie Tasmania QE28WW,  and about 3k inland and 135m ASL. Previous location was better 800m away and 155mASL

View from back of house with antennas looking Arrarat way, and Dish at VK3RGI

Far left is North West about 30deg. Centre is Melbourne direction

Looking North

literally Wilsons Prom to South Pacific

 Icom IC-9700 2m/70cm/23cm, mainly for voice contacts (GPS locked)
Yaesu FT-857 for 2m WSPR (Fitted with TCXO) and 6m contacts and sometimes HF
Kenwood TS-50 permanently on 10m 28.490 but sometimes for HF
Kenwood TS130 Main HF rig
Not mentioning VHF/UHF FM Rigs

Antennas Main
All antennas home built except for Diamond V2000 for fm

HF - 38m Longwire and SGS autotuner

6m - 3 element yagi (NBS design) at 4m high

2m - 12 element yagi (NBS design) at 4.5m high

70cm - 4 x 15 element yagi (NBS design) at 6.5m high (centre of array)

23cm - 1.8m dish (home built) at about 4.5m high centre

Antennas Secondary

2m - 3 element yagi (NBS design) at 6m high (secondary)

70cm - 6 element yagi (NBS design) at 5.5m high (secondary)

23cm - 15 element yagi (NBS design) 3.7m high secondary

Other stuff

HF radio propagation